• Just Amazing!!! I saw band two times, last year in Zagreb, and few days ago in Opatija. Fantastic show for every Dire Straits fan. Terence is brilliant, and all other musicans too. I hope that someday you come to Slovenia!

  • Vorg jaar in den Bosch zag ik ze voor de eerste keer. We waren zeer verrast, wat een heerlijke mujziekavond. Afgelopen vrijdag in Eindhoven voor the tweede keer en weer heerlijk zitten genieten. Wat kunnen die gasten spelen zeg.

    In November komen ze naar Luxor in Rotterdam, willen we niet missen. Gaan we voor de derde keer heen. De muziek die zij spelen verveelt nooit, daarnaast zijn het ontzettend goede muzikanten. Kan iedereen aanbevelen, kom naar deze fantastische band.

  • You have to see the Dire Straits Experience. These guys are phenomenal. The musicianship is frankly off the scale and, well, the music you know is quite outstanding.

    I saw Dire Straits first time around but I’m a much bigger fan now thanks to Terence and Chris keeping the music alive. It’s too good not to be played. I’ve seen them half a dozen times now. Last week in Cheltenham and Liverpool in June… can’t wait.

    Go see them. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Just saw them in Eindhoven, the Netherlands… I don’t really have words. Still feeling overwhelmed. They are simply awesome! Wow! What a night of one highlight after the other. Every single one of them is a fantastic musician and as a group they ARE Dire Straits. It doesn’t get closer than this. Thank you so much, guys for a totally unbelievable experience! Just wow!

  • I just saw the band in Eindhoven. What a brilliant performance. I smiled the whole time. I hope that Mark writes new material for these musicians so the legacy of Dire Straits is in good hands.

  • Crazy night in Utrecht on May 24th, 2018. The most exiting live band I’ve ever seen! I hope you’ll be back in Holland soon!

  • I saw the band in Cambridge this week and was amazed at just how close to the original they were. They were extremely professional and accomplished musicians and the likeness to Mark Knopfler was incredible. They built a great rapport with the audience and I hope they tour the UK again in the near future. I would definitely get tickets and encourage friends to go. Many thanks for a great evening.

  • Just seen them in Cambridge. Brilliant. They should be filling the Royal Albert hall.

  • Have just seen these guys for the first time in Cambridge. Completely blown away. Fantastic. You must do more England gigs!

  • We’ve seen them two times and it was great! This year when they’re in Groningen we want to go again. Not only the show is great they’re great men too!! Especially Chris White who both times took the time to talk with us and drink some beverages.

    Thanks for everything and see you soon!!

    Natascha and Mark

  • In November we will see the band for the second time in Heerlen (Netherlands). We really can’t wait. Last year they were really very good. Perfect show for young and old. Absolutely fabulous.

  • Please come to South Africa. I am a huge fan and I would love to see you here. And so would the whole of South Africa.

  • Thank you so much!!!

    The performance on the first day of spring in Moscow was splendid! Unforgettable pleasure and that covers you for several days and then becomes delightful memory. Great like last year… but in a new way: the incredible talent and skill of each musician, and the Dire Straits Experience as a whole, gives them the opportunity for beautiful improvisations. The same song sounds differently beautiful each time. The vocal of Sir Terence is the zest, as it reminds and is individual at the same time. Also thanks to soundmen for their help in making everything in the best way!

    Dear, gentlemen, please come again as soon as possible! You are very, very welcome!!!

  • Unforgettable concert in Malta in October 2017. Reminded us of seeing the original Brothers In Arms tour. Great music, superb musicianship.

  • It seems almost unbelievable… A dream will come true for me!

    I’ve got the sensational message that this summer the Dire Straits Experience will make a stop in my hometown of Spiez (Bernese Oberland) to give here – at the Seaside Festival next to the lake of Thun – one of their music shows. Right now I feel so happy about this wonderful news and look forward to this great event. I’ll be there – to see you, Chris White playing with all your brilliant band members. To hear and feel the rhythm and the unique sounds of every instrument and voice of DSE. Dire Straits will be alive on stage in Spiez – nobody should miss this! Together with thousends of other people I will enjoy to the fullest the songs, your performance and will be a part of the vibes you’ll build through it. So I’m sure that this concert will give me so much, once again.

    Hope, you all will have an unforgettable and fantastic time in Spiez – to feel great yourself!

    Until then – with all my best wishes for you


  • Two amazing and unforgettable shows in Perth, Western Australia, 2014 and 2016.

    When are you returning to tour Australia?

  • The 11th of December 2017.

    I will remember this day as being the 3rd Dire Straits Experience show I’ve attended; it was one of the greatest shows I’ve had the opportunity to see. Besides the fact that it was so beautiful and so inspiring, it was a mesmerizing experience that I’ll always remember.

    The audience was enchanted and delighted to taste every note and every single moment of the show.

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Exceptional voice and outstanding performance in Cluj on Dec 12th 2017! The guitar sound was amazing!

  • You guys were amazing last night in Enschede!! What musicians, what a performance, what a band!

    Hats off to Terence, who played over 2 hours continuously on guitar and sang.

    Please come back soon to the Netherlands

  • Wow! I wasn’t expecting that! Yesterday in Breda you gave me a magical evening. Thank you very, very much!

    This is the music I’ve been listening to for more than 30 years. I know every song, every word, every note. It’s become a part of me inside my heart. But for the last 22 years I only had the archives and my memories. So yesterday, when you brought it all back to life, it immediately touched my heart. It was a powerful and emotional trip down memory lane and I’m not ashamed to say that I cried. You did something Chris said he thought was impossible, and I couldn’t agree more. Not only was it perfect, it was even better. It feels almost like blasphemy to say but I think I enjoyed it more than the original, it was Dire Straits 2.0!

    I’m really sad though to discover that you’re on tour now for years and I didn’t know! I really missed out and I can’t wait to enjoy another performance. So please, please, come back to The Netherlands, come back to Breda, as soon as you can.

    With kind regards,

    The guy that was on the balcony on your right, front row, trying to hide his emotions but not succeeding.

  • Gisteren in Breda geweest. Eindelijk de Dire Straits weer live gezien. Het was fantastisch. Kippevel!!! Hopelijk de komende jaren meer live optredens in Nederland.

  • What an experience, what a performance, what a band, what a guitar player. Simply amazing.

    Thanks for a wonderful evening in Ostend

  • Last Sunday we went to den Haag to see u guys for the third time for me in Holland. It was so great again!!!! I am fan already of more than 30 years and so happy that u can give me back the feelings like how it was before… or even better! The audience was great as well… Hope to see you back in Holland soon plz so again we can enjoy! Good luck with the tour for now.

  • Saw them in Den Haag (Netherlands). Simply amazing. A must-see for any Dire Straits fan! Absolutely brilliant performance by all musicians.

  • Awsome show last week (Tuesday) in Assen (De Bonte Wever)!! It proves this is music which is still great and HAS to be enjoyed live!!

    Thanks and keep on playing!!

  • Gisteren het optreden mogen meemaken in Oostende Gewoon SUPER!!!!!!!! wat die brengen.
    Hopelijk volgend jaar terug

  • De show in Nieuw-Vennep (Holland) gezien samen met mijn twee zoons. Ongelooflijk goed, kippevel, briljant woorden schieten tekort.

  • An unbelievable experience. How I loved 2nd of November 2017 in Assen. At the end, even moved to tears. Really touched and inspired by the enthusiastic performance. How much all love doing the job. It could be sensed by everyone. Amazing performers. Great, each and every one!!!

  • I saw you play in the Van Zantenhal in Nieuw-Vennep. You where amazing! I think you have to stop calling yourself the Dire Straits Experience, and just call yourself Dire Straits. Nothing more, Nothing less. Because you where Dire Straits! Thank you for this great evening and I hope I will see you soon back here in Holland.



  • They call themselves an experience… well, an experience it is. From Money For Nothing to Brothers In Arms, every song was an experience that you don’t want to miss. The sound, the notes and the voices were worth it for the whole concert. An evening to never forget! Thank you all.
    2nd of November, Assen.

  • The performance on the 26th of October in Malta was an amazing night of musical excellence. I was privileged to watch Dire Straits twice in Luxembourg in the 80s and these boys lose nothing by comparison. Mark Knopfler is a genius and I never thought I would see someone who could play as well as he did but Terence Reis is amazing and Chris White provides the original saxophone sound from those fantastic numbers that we all love – Romeo And Juliet, Your Latest Trick, and many more.

    Thank you for coming to Malta, boys. Any chance you will visit Cape Town? It’s a wonderful destination and we are there quite often!

  • Amazing – I’ve listened to Dire Straits since I was 12 but have only ever had the albums to go by. To finally see the music live was just outstanding. Brilliant musicianship.

  • The 24th of October, Zagreb. Unforgettable. I was 21 again. Thanks, Chris, thanks, Terence, thanks to all of you.

  • Never before have I felt that touched by music played at a live concert.

    Every musician in the Dire Straits Experience band performed the wonderful, never forgotten songs with passion and pleasure. There are no words to say how great this concert was; it was more than amazing. Just in front of the stage I saw, heard and felt this great music. The instruments were played from so soulful to so powerful… It left an unforgetable impression.

    Thanks a lot, Chris White, for playing as an awesome artist with your excellent band at the intimate Brienzersee Rockfestival in Switzerland and thank you so much for all the emotional moments you gave to me, to us. Especially for your personal “Hi!“ – with a smile, when our paths crossed in the area…

    „Äs isch dür u dür megaärdeschön u eifach unvergässlech gsi für mi.“

    P.S. We hope, we’ll see you and hear the songs of Dire Straits in Brienz once again; maybe next year at the new Seaside Festival in my hometown?!
    Take care.


  • The 7th of July in Stavern, Norway will be memorable for two things. It was cold, windy and rainy and I was in the middle of a field with nearly 1000 other brave souls waiting for the Dire Straits Experience to take to the stage.

    They kicked off at 21:00 exactly and it was clear that after the very first minute, the weather didn’t matter.

    The DSE delivered a pitch perfect, note perfect set that was exceptional. Probably the smallest stage that DSE have played on, with a few red and blue lights and a smoke machine that hardly worked due to the wind. But the music – just goes to show you don’t need a huge sound system or pyrotechnics when you have dedicated musicians at the top of their game playing their hearts out to a cold and wet crowd determined to catch some of that Dire Straits magic. DSE delivered from the first note until the last note of the encore.

    All I can say is if you ever get the chance, go see these guys. To be honest I was expecting some form of tribute band but this was the real thing – I’m already looking forward to when they return in the Winter.

  • Just came home frome a superb experience in Stavern, Norway. From the first notes of the guitar I got tears in my eyes. Maybe it was because of the deep, sensitive, beautiful guitar notes that just hit me with such a warmth. An experience I have never had before. I never got to hear Dire Straits live – I do not know why – but this was so nice that maybe it is better to be older. The band is outstanding, so alive, and giving a performance to remember. All of the members smiling and showing the joy of playing music.

    I don`t know but, hearing the drummer and the saxophone player again, I never heard them better. Outstanding.

  • Fantastic Concert in Nuremberg, Germany! I had tears in my eyes. Thank you for the great evening!!!

  • The gig in Cologne was a wonderful trip through time back to my youth… stirring music from the very first sound. All the greatest hits played. Absolute highlight: Brothers In Arms… Thanks! If you follow up on your tour maybe we’ll see each other again.

  • Travelled to Berlin to see this gig. Brilliant musicians who put their passion into every song. All my favourite tracks and such an incredible night.

    Thank you, Chris White, for putting this together.

  • Sunday, May the 14th my colleague Herman Slot and I were in Hengelo (NL) at Metropol. We had a perfect evening. (For me: agian!) We wonder where that guitar shop was; Terence using 8 different guitars for the different sounds, and perhaps when your new album is released. Very much touched! We will definitely come again to your next show in our neighbourhood.

    A very big smile and thumbs up!

  • Unforgettable performance in Veenendaal Nederland. Sublime music. We look forward to the next performance in Paard van Troje in Den Haag.

  • Just awesome. I saw them yesterday in Heerlen, the Nethelands. Hearing the music brought back memories. Since my brother in law could not make it, my sister asked me to join her. What a night. Great artist and sublime music made it a super night. One point of advise: next time the show should realy take place in front of a standing audience and not a seated one.

  • An unforgettable performance in a jam-packed Park City theatre with super enthusiastic musicians! I look forward to the next performance. Thanks for this great evening!!

  • One word: Unbelievable! Brought me to tears… 3 times (the good way).
    Netherlands – Veenendaal – 10th of May 2017

  • Well, what a great night again. Went last year to Guildford and thought it was great. Travelled to Milton Keynes this year, April 2017 and I’m starting to think this band is at least as good as the original. In my opinion, probably the best band in world. And that’s a big statement to make…

  • Thoroughly blown away in Tenerife last November. Just as I expected to be. Can’t get enough of your music. Atmospheric and so individual. I love to lose myself in the stories the songs tell. Music I will never tire of.

  • Once again a magnificent performance from the DSE guys. The Stables was out of this world. Great venue, great atmosphere and superb sound. The setlist is amazing. Two wonderful hours of sheer class entertainment. To everyone concerned; sound engineer, lighting guys, and of course the musicians on stage… I can’t thank you enough. Brilliant

  • I went to see this band at The Stables in Wavendon with no real expectations. After the opening number, my friend and I just looked at each other with open mouths. We knew from that moment it was going to be something very special. We were blown away by the fantastic sound, vibe and atmosphere they created in that most humble of places. I honestly felt ‘high’ throughout. It was absolutely the best live gig I’ve ever been to. The next night I took my husband who also felt the wow factor. With almost obsessive enthusiasm, I found myself booking again for the following week. So, last night I danced up in the balcony all through the concert. Utterly exhilarating, wonderful stuff. I’m hooked and can’t wait to see them again and once again cry my eyes out throughout the beautiful ‘Romeo And Juliet’! Heady stuff!

  • Last night (28/04/17) my wife and I had a most fantastic evening at the Wavendon Stables Theatre with the Dire Straits Experience. I cannot tell you how impressed we were. Not only does this group totally and accurately present the wonderful music of the original band, but they present a show of continuous music for more than 2 and a half hours. Superb sound quality, excellent special effects, exceptional guitar work, and superb delivery. I can totally reccommend attending their performances and will go again if they re-appear at a theatre nearby

  • Saw the DSE in Milton Keynes tonight and St Albans last week. They play with such emotion and passion you can’t help being touched by it. Close your eyes and you feel the music. Terence is the best guitar player I’ve seen play live for a very long time. Listen to Chris play the sax. Pure bliss.

  • What an experience!! Something I shall never forget. They are all exceptional musicians. I felt privileged to be there at The Stables, Milton Keynes on 22nd April 2017.

  • We were at the 1992 Dire Straits concert at Woburn Abbey and enjoyed it very much. However your concert at The Stables on Friday night topped it. You appeared to have more enthusiasm and energy and the music you produced was excellent. More than a copy of the original.

    Chris, your sax playing was great as usual but I don’t remember the red shoes at Woburn.

    Wonderful music from a great band at a great venue.


  • By far one the best concert experiences I have ever had. The passion for Good Music is just amazing!! I cant thank you enough!!

  • My wife and I saw you last year at The Stables, Milton Keynes – absolutely brilliant. We are looking forward to seeing you there again on Friday 21/4/17. Can’t wait. Any chance of playing Boom Like That?

    Rock on guys – fantastic.

  • Was at the concert in Bangalore March 19th
    Wow !!!! Just wow !!!! Close your eyes and you wouldn’t know that Mark Knopfler wasn’t there… Superb !!!!!!

  • This was by far the best live performance I’ve ever been to! The band created an amazing atmosphere! The audio engineer was spot on and delivered the fullest you can expect! Hats off to him and the rest of the crew!

  • An absolutely brilliant evening!! Can’t sleep with the music still replaying in the head! Thank you musicians… play on…

  • I just wanted to say that you were incredible. Although the show was almost 2 months ago I can’t get the sound out of my head. Especially the guitar player with his amazing guitar skills. Just unbelievable. The show was at Lucky, Rijssen, Netherland. I hope to see you guys sometime again.

  • Hi guys. It’s fantastic that you guys are still doing what you do best.. making music and making your fans very happy. Seems you’re all over the world. Please please come to Ireland. You guys would fill Crime Park or the Aviva stadiums. Big fan of Dire Straits, The Straits and the Dire Straits Experience. Thanks a lot. Terry O

  • December 5th 2016 has been one of the most amazing evenings of my life. I must admit that you, gentlemen, made one of the most beautiful, mesmerizing and phenomenal shows I have ever witnessed.

    Terence Reis, the lead vocalist was outstanding. The energy coming from him was incredible.

    Thank you for an unforgettable show. We hope to see you again here in Cluj-Napoca!

  • I will never forget this amazing concert. Thanks you for this great evening in Vlissingen. The power from the podium was unbeliveable. Sax, guitar, drums, the voices… what a show!

    I am looking forward for the next time you are playing in Holland, maybe Vlissingen again?!

  • I SAW YOU last SUNDAY in Belgium. It was absolutely phenomenal. The music of my childhood. I hope to see you next year.

    IF I make a wish, can you put on your future setlist one of the best songs of Dire Straits: You And Your Friends!

    Thank you and see you soon 😉

  • We saw the Dire Straits Experience at Lucky, Rijssen, the Netherlands. You caught us right at the first song… Telegraph Road. It was the beginning of a remarkable evening.

    The songs and the feelings still rush through head and mind, and memories of times and places where we have been with the Dire Straits music with us, came up.

    The perfect performance including light and sound engineering, the fun and pleasure you played with, the very much gifted musicians who played in full harmony, the changing of instruments and sound, it all touched us very much and we were very grateful to be part of it that evening.

    Thanks to you all and hope we meet again. Enschede, 20-11-2016, André en Irma Leferink

  • Vlissingen gig, November 19, 2016: Great show, perfect Dire Straits sound, a two-hour music eruption. It was a backflash into the Werchter Festival in the 80s.

  • What a great show last night in Rijssen (the Netherlands) and we hope to see the Dire Straits Experience again once in my life. What a beautiful evening it was with all the music of my great Dire Straits.

    Guys from the Dire Straits Experience, thnx again.

  • Really enjoyed the show yesterday in Groningen! The sound was great..
    maybe it’s even better than the good old Dire Straits! Chills and shivers in response to the music! MK eat your heart out!

    Great guitar playing and all together an amazing experience to never forget.

    Hope too see you next year in the north of the Netherlands!

  • Fantastic show in Groningen and special to meet with the group after. All great down to earth guys who are prepared to spend time with their supporters. Well worth the special trip from Southend to be there. Here’s to the next time. We can’t wait.
    Thanks from chris and Barbara

  • Thank you for letting this great music live on for the generations to come – with such brilliant musicianship. My son, who was not even born when Dire Straits disbanded, was thrilled about the show. So was I. So was my wife.

    Dire Straits Experience, Helsinki 13th November, 2016. The best Father’s Day present ever.

  • Yesterday evening I saw the band in Groningen. We were with two generations: me, my husband and my parents.

    It was really AMAZING! We enjoyed every moment and it was fantastic!

    Hopefully you will visit Groningen again, we will be there!


  • Had a splendid evening last night in Martini Plaza in Groningen. All the great songs brought back great memories from the past. The Dire Straits Experience did not feel second-hand at all. What great musicians they are, with magnificent Reis and White in the lead.

  • Geweldig show en voorteffelijk muziekblad als je niet beter wist zou je denken het zijn de Dire Straits! Alle lof voor de band grandioos optreden gegeven! Top! De volgende keer zijn we en weer bij!

  • No words to say how great your concert was tonight in Groningen, the Netherlands. My hands hurt from clapping, my throat from singing! Great musicians, all of you, and great songs. Thanks, Mark.

    Finally I got to hear that sax solo that should have been on the “Expresso Love” original recording, the: “I was made to go with my girl, like a saxophone was made to go with the night”… and then the guitar came in to do the sax solo… But tonight I finally heard that sax roaring in!
    Yes, a night to remember!

    Thanks so much!!

  • Together with four friends we were in Eindhoven yesterday, after seeing earlier shows two of us convinced our other friends they had to see this show, and they were overwhelmed just like us the first time. It was great from the beginning till the end, and we had the honour to shake hands with two of the bandmembers after the show.

    Thanks again for a great evening and hope to see you soon.

  • Awesome performance last night in Eindhoven, Holland! I sorta tricked my dad into going to the city with me. He had no clue where I was about to take him… He’s been a Dire Straits fan for as long as I can remember, but has sadly never really had the opportunity to see them perform live. The Dire Straits Experience turned out to be more than just the next best thing, they absolutely rocked! My dad enjoyed the show very much, as did I. Thank you guys so much for the musical trip down memory lane and an unforgettable experience!

  • Excellent show in Eindhoven. Tonight Groningen and Rijssen tomorrow. Looking forward to this shows! Excellent musicians, playing. You really get a shiver in the dark. Sultans sounds like the song was written yesterday instead of 39 years ago. Hope you will return many many times, keeping this music so very alive! Thank you guys!

  • Excellent show last night in Helsinki. What a great event – Could not have hoped for any better. Wish to see you again in Helsinki 🙂

  • Never seen Dire Straits live but this is as good as I’d ever hoped they’d sound. Spine tingling from beginning to end. I was transported by the music to a beautiful place and look forward to another trip soon. The sound quality at the Perth Concert Hall on the 13th of October was studio quality. You could hear every brush on the drums or tinkle of the cymbals and of course the soulful sax and guitar work. And, dare I say it, the lead vocals were PROBABLY better than MK CAN DELIVER NOW!

  • Looking forward to the Holland gigs in Nov. Easy trip from Southend airport and then a night of nostalgia to look forward to. Can’t wait. Hope to see my old friend Len Allison there.

  • WOW! Just got home from your Adelaide show! What an awesome night – so much energy, so much attention to musical detail. Proud to say I saw the originals a couple of times – just as proud to say I saw you!

  • Saw the band for the second time at the Perth concert hall. The first show two years ago was amazing and they blew the audience away last night.

    It is not often that you see a band get three standing ovations, let alone a cover band if they can be called that since two of the performers are ex DS members. I closed my eyes a couple of times and it took me back to the Brothers In Arms tour

  • Absolutely Mesmerizing!
    So much talent and energy on that stage! Incredible in every way! Loved it!

  • I didn’t get to see Dire Straits when they toured Australia in 1986, so I was thrilled to see the Dire Straits Experience last night. All of the artists were just fantastic and they really did create an authentic dire straits experience. I love the saxophone, so it was a special treat to listen to Chris White playing songs like Your Latest Trick and Two Young Lovers live. Please come back to Australia again guys !



  • Saw the reviews prior to attending and my expectations rose. Attended the show at the Palais in Melbourne last night and was blown away at how good the sound and show was. Would definitely recommend!


  • My husband and I went to the concert last night at the Concert Hall in Brisbane. I was blown away. The music was awesome, the vibe was great, the musicians just magical. Thorloughly enjoyed the experience and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. A must see show.

  • Exported back to a time when songs excited the soul and told stories.. Chris White and Terence Reis have not lost their pizazz, though Terence Reis’s genius rhythms should be highlighted more. I sat only a few rows from the front, and the sound quality was awesome. There is only one thing that could have made it better, and his name is Mark. Brilliant. The dice were loaded from the start.

  • Saw the boys in 2014 and again in Auckland Saturday 1 October. Stunning again!. The show opened with Telegraph Road and the hits just kept coming. Everyone says it and it’s true: there was only one Mark Knopfler and there is only one Terence Reis. The man is stunning. Everything about this show is authentic and the musicianship is superb. Chris Whitten and Chris White just add to the total professionalism of the band. Loved every minute and looking forward already to their promised return to New Zealand.

  • Hi, everyone, I was not sure what to expect when I booked and attended this show on the 8th october 2016 Civic Theatre in Auckland NZ. I would have to say that the first thing I liked was a no-nonsense start straight into the music with some mind blowing renditions of great Dire Straits songs, but it was better than that. It was a spine-chilling, rhythmic, soft, subtle, raunchy load with great instrumental music that made for an experience i will never forget. Keep together you guys – you are great xox

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