• MK Stables 21/2/2016

    Sunning show by all…Chris Whitten on the Drums and Chris White on the Sax Played along the Telegraph Road like Brothers in arms while at the movies with Private Investigations going onto Love over gold and the Men are too strong but making them the Sultans that swung the Stables that evening.Thankyou so much for such a superb performance from all and have booked tickets for the up and coming Harpenden Halls gig in June aswell.
    Have a great tour meanwhile and if you make it to the atering hole(the bar) then theres a pint waiting on me.


  • After last night’s concert at the High Wycombe Swan, I just had to write to you to tell you what an amazingly good experience it was (I was the person with my young grandson who got your autographs, and who finally spoke to Richard Cottle at the end mentioning I now play the classical guitar but played bass guitar in my youth!).

    The opening number of Telegraph Road was so good that it quite literally brought tears to my eyes.

    You absolutely must keep playing together as you have genuinely reassembled and recreated the Dire Straits musical experience. By a miracle, in Terence Reis you have acquired a guitarist who appears to play instinctively and fluently in the picking style of Mark Knopfler along with a similar voice but where you can actually hear the words.

    With this level of professional and musical competence and precision, you were all mind-blowingly good, and that is an understatement – and I have never told that to any performance artists before.

    I can only conclude by saying that you have recreated something that is inspirational and, with this level of ability and talent, you cannot fail to be anything but successful

    Wishing you the very best of good luck in all your sessions and I hope to see you perform live again one day.

    Dr Colin Jackson

  • Absolutely fantastic, loved every minute of it.
    Didn’t want it to end!
    The band were obviously enjoying it, that made it extra special

  • Amazing. Thanks so much for a truly emotional experience tonight at the stables. The talent of this band is astounding and matches the quality of Mark knopfler’s songwriting ability. Best night ever.

  • Wycombe Swan 20/2/2016
    Fabulous show!! Absolutely brilliant musicianship and accurate renditions of the great Dire Straits songs!! Have always loved Mark Knopfler’s songs and guitar playing. Never was able to see them live but the Dire Straits Experience was just like listening to the original. The concert was way beyond expectations. Will go and see them again.

  • Saw them last night at the Wycombe swan, a truly amazings performance!!!! Have always been a real fan of dire straits and did not know what to expect? But was blown away by the talent and sound, true pro’s playing the real classics!!! …. Unforgettable night!! All that is left to say is I’ll defiantly be there next time round and if anyone gets the chance to get a ticket… Don’t hesitate!!! You won’t be disappointed!!! …… Thanks guys for keeping these amazing songs alive and for a brilliant night!!!

  • Went to the high Wycombe gig on Saturday 20th February.we were blown out of this world by the band hitting out some of the greatest hits dire straits did.Chris and his band were so professional and the guitar playing and vocals was a thoigh mark knophler was at the show.Will see you guys in Guildford can’t wait.Also you guys could fill bigger venue’s any day would love to see you at the 02 or Wembley etc one day.all the best guys

  • Qualiteeeeeeee show. Got tickets for hubbys Xmas pressie. Dire straits always his thing but wow you have a convert. Loved every minute of it and can’t wait to see it again.
    Amazing value for money.
    Only complaint is people all around with their bright mobile phone screens recording show. Put them away and enjoy the moment .
    Greatest event I’ve seen for a while. X

  • Fantastic 2 hours as these guys used their skills and flair to create the famous tracks non-stop. Totally amazed at how they created such an amazing show – they appeared to enjoy it as much as the audience. True musicians able to create fantastic highs. Did I mention fantastic enough!

  • I was at Cheltenham Town Hall last night, reviewing the gig officially for the Gloucestershire Echo. Here’s the full text which has just gone to the Features desk; I thought you might like to see it. Thanks for a grand evening.

    The Town Hall, Cheltenham
    18th February 2016

    Dire Straits: the last of the great supergroups, the band that defied punk, helped usher in the CD age, and whose symphonic grandeur and rich legacy has found a permanent place in the minds of connoisseurs of fine music. Tonight, 15 of their most memorable songs lived again, thanks to a superlative display by worthy successors The Dire Straits Experience, though I could devote the entire review to just one of them, specifically, the 14-minute juggernaut that opened the show: the epic Telegraph Road, for my money, the greatest Dire Straits track of them all. Bristling with clean guitar breaks, ethereal keyboards and its evocative lyrics, it set the mood for a glorious celebration, during which everything turned to gold on a night of musical alchemy.
    Headed by accomplished Mark Knopfler sound-alike Terence Reis, whose extensive guitar arsenal included those iconic steel and red Stratocaster axes, the seven virtuoso musicians regally entertained the partisan audience over two enthralling hours, faithfully recreating that distinctive and often haunting Dire Straits sound. For all its surges of power, their material was imbued with a calm beauty, the glittering eyes of many raging storms, and the sharp contrasts frequently sent shivers.
    Tonight’s line-up featured original members from the band’s latter days: drummer Chris Whitten, whose kit threatened to collapse about him, given the relentless pounding it endured, and Bristol-born saxophonist extraordinaire Chris White, who had come full circle, having begun his professional career at the town hall in the late 1960s. Few people can make a tenor sax sound so captivating, and he was a dominant force throughout, nonchalantly touring the stage and adding that extra, almost unearthly dimension, especially during Romeo and Juliet and the reflective Your Latest Trick.
    Meanwhile, Walk of Life and Two Young Lovers injected some pulsating boogie, there were the sizzling guitar heroics of Tunnel of Love, the brooding splendour of Private Investigations and the intensely moving Brothers In Arms, its opening chords greeted with warm applause. In a high-octane finale, the magnificent seven swept through a dazzling rendition of Sultans of Swing, easing off momentarily as White’s sax sounded the Last Post and duetted harmoniously with Reis, past meeting present in a wonderful display of mutual appreciation.
    First encore Money For Nothing lured the partying multitudes to the front aisles, and Local Hero theme Going Home brought it all to a triumphant climax. No Industrial Disease, though. Ah, well, you can’t have everything. I’d still had a feast, and these guys had proved themselves sultans in every respect. What chemistry, too; rarely have I seen a band look so happy during a performance. “We can keep coming back as long as people want to hear these songs” declared Reis. Given the fully-deserved standing ovation they received, they will need no second invitation – and I’ll be there.

  • We saw The Dire Straits Experience at Cheltenham last night and were blown away by the performance! From the sublime Telegraph Road and Private Investigations through to the lively Money for Nothing and Sultans of Swing (all 13 minutes of it!!!) the performance rocked the Cheltenham Town Hall and stunned the capacity audience! Terence’s guitar playing was both mind blowing and haunting, and his vocals – just beautiful! definitely worth seeing again, thank you

  • Walsh family went to Liverpool on 4 February 25 years on from seeing the band in Birmingham and we were blown away by the performance. This is no tribute band and all involved are to be congratulated on their passion recreating the sound of Dire Straites .
    Great nostalgia and a joy to hear All the old favourites plus “Down to the Waterline and Lady Writer”.
    Was looking forward to seeing Chris Witten but sadly not guesting at Liverpool but James Powell did a great job.
    Will be going next time they tour in the area.

  • It was absolutely amazing performance!!! I didn’t notice how two hours flew away!! It was impossible to sit quietly, ’cause you’ve touched every part of my soul!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Hope to see You again in Ukraine!!!

  • That was awesome!!! Amazing music, performance and show!!! Real magic!!! Thanks a lot from Kiev!!!

  • Walsh family was at Liverpool on 4 Feb ,
    25 years on from Birmingham .
    Great evening listening to all the favourites and some songs we never heard Dire Straites do, ( Down to the Waterline and Lady Writer ).
    Brilliantly performed . Was looking forward to seeing Chris Whitten on drums again but did not guest on the night, but James Powell did not disappoint .
    Will defiantly be looking for future venues in the north when you tour again.
    When you closed your eyes it was as if you were at an original concert.
    Pure nostalgia !!!!!

  • I never got the chance to see Dire Straits perform live when they were together so I bought tickets to what I thought was just a tribute band at a small time venue in Leesburg, Va. I WAS BLOWN AWAY! It was truly a world class performance and in no way could they be compared to a “tribute” band. Terrence Reis did an amazing job as lead and he didn’t miss a lick in any of the guitar solos. The rest of the band was off the hook and it was like the original Dire Straits was back together again and on tour. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back to the states!!!

  • Saw this amazing show last night in Tenerife. It was a truly memorable experience and one that will stay with me. I didn’t expect to feel such emotion, listening to the songs without Mark Knopfler singing them, but Terence Reis is a magnificent musician and a perfect interpreter of the Dire Straits repertoire. Of course, the performance by Chris White and his fellow musicians was impeccable. A fantastic show all round.

  • Saw the guys at St Albans October 2015. Out of this world! Stunning show, world class musicians giving a world class performance. THIS IS A MUST SEE BAND. Skegness next..can’t wait

  • Hi, I’m Antonio from Teatro y mas an Spanish promotor, and I’d like to know the conditions to make 4 or 5 concerts in Spain, in theatres with a capacity betwen 700 to 1000 people. I’d like to know the fee, rider and dates you have available.

    Thanks a lot and I wait for your answer

  • A belated thank you for a beyond excellent show in St. Albans on 10th October. It was outstanding and my wife and friends are looking forward to seeing you again in 2016.

  • I was a little apprehensive about the whole ‘experience’ thing, after all, without the original line up I was worried that the sound just wouldn’t be the same. Well, wow, what can I say, they were absolutely fantastic. Chris White has got the most impressive tambourine technique (and saxophone of course…) and was a joy to watch and Terence Reis was stunning on guitar and vocals. The sound was astonishing. Honestly, the band were awesome together and the energy and obvious rapport between them made for a really fantastic evening. I would highly recommend booking yourself and some mates a tickets, you won’t be disappointed. Well done guys, you were brilliant in St Albans, thank you!!

  • We went to the Straints’ concert @ Bergen PAC on March 5, 2014 and I could barely stay in my seat. The technical ability of the band was so high that I can say I’ve never seen anything to compare with it…..If you think the Dire Straits were better, you’re living in a memory from your youth…..nothing I can say to combat that.

  • I just saw on youtube your performance in Appenzell (partly strange audience – what a pity!)
    Have been there and liked it very much, thank you. Looking forward to a next concert with you.

  • I never get the chance to be in a concert of Dire Straits and always fell like a big miss, when I heard Dire Straits Experience are coming to Israel, I’ve jumped at the opportunity and bought tickets. I was amazed by the band that perfomed a perfect repertory of the original band. Chris White has no aged in 40 years and Terence Reis is a talent with the same voice and energy than Mark Knopfler.
    TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!

  • I’ve been on a concert at Tel Aviv!
    First of all I enjoyed every moment of the show it took me back long years ago!
    As a big Dire Straits fan I must say they sound a lot like the original band!
    Over all I had a blast and they are very good!
    great sound, excelent feel, good sond choice!
    Thank you for playing here even although its hard with all the musical boycott!
    Hope to see you agian here in Israel !

  • Tel Aviv June 26, 2015. Fantastic. I raised my kids on Brothers in Arms in the car from before they could talk. What a feeling to hear the amazing performance last night with my 19 year old son who plays the drums, thinking about my 21 year old guitarist and how much he would have loved to hear a performance like that. It was a music lover’s dream. Chris White was perfect and Terence Regis is indescribable. The crowd loved the show from the start. The energy was terrific. Thank you!

  • This could have been written word for word regarding Tel Aviv’s concert last night – June 26, 2105. I couldn’t say it better. We were missing only the drum solo; Chris White introduced the drummer as having played with Dire Straits. I think it was not the same drummer. I took my 19 year old son who plays the drums and we kept thinking about his older brother who plays guitar and wishing he was with is for the phenomenal performance.

  • saw you at harlow playhouse you were brilliant. Just like the real thing. Every one played exceptionaly.well. would see you again. highly recommended.

  • Saw the show at Eden Court in Inverness and thought I had been transported back 30 years in time to the mid 1980’s. I saw Mark Knopfler a couple of times in 2005 and 2006 and said I would never go again as he seems to have moved on from the Dire Straits classics. This band brought it all back and if I had not been watching Terence certainly plays like MK and sounds like him. Truly wonderful evening enjoyed by a sold out crowd. Would happily go again tomorrow if I could. Brilliant!

  • Saw Chris White and company last night in Inverness, STUNNING. A great performance by a band of extremely talented musicians, come back to Inverness soon.

  • Inverness April 2015
    Dire Straits music played with a genuine feel for the material. They add their own personalities to the arrangements whilst remaining true to the originals.
    A great night out; and the only way to hear these songs played the way they should be. It shouldn’t suprise anyone to discover that one of the band was in Dire straits; several others have worked with Mark Knophler, and all are talenred musicians with impressive pedigrees.

  • I caught the Glenrothes Rothes Hall show and what a night! Loved opener Telegraph Road and the older stuff like Lady Writer really rocked, obviously all of the band on stage were incredible tight musicians and looked like they were having fun. Been a fan since I was a kid and I was lucky enough to catch the original band at the SECC in 1992 and this was just as good. I only have only one criticism – they obeyed the curfew and didn’t play long enough!

  • Saw the show in Glenrothes in fife. Absolutely fantastic. Please come back again!!! Loved it.

  • Incredible performance. Such a small audience…I only found out about by chance. Have told friends on FB to get tickets ASAP.

  • I saw The Straits at the Arcada in St. Charles, IL when in the states last year, and was blown away with the show. It truly satisfied my longing for a Dire Straits reunion. Hope you guys bring the Dire Straits Experience to the states soon.

  • I saw Dire Straits a couple of times, lastly in 92 at Gateshead Stadium, their final tour, and to this day that is the highlight of all the gigs in my life. However when I saw The Straits in February 2014 at the City Hall – Newcastle, it rolled back the years, to hear the songs of my youth played with such finesse and passion. I had been told 2 days before the gig that I was being made redundant, but after the show I was giggling like a schoolboy, the performance gave me goosebumps. I used to drink on the Quayside, I used to hang around the Spanish City to meet girls and ride the coaster. These songs are important to me, and I thank you for allowing me to listen. As soon as I have a chance to buy a Dire Straits Experience concert ticket, then I will. Ive seen Mark live many times and last time was in 2013 in May, but he isnt Dire Straits, there was no sultans, no tunnel, no brothers…..hey he still rocks the world. The Straits/Dire Straits Experience are the real thing, long may you continue.

  • I was lucky to see Dire Straits a few times at Wembley and the NEC Birmingham. Went to watch the Straits at Liverpool in 2011 and again at Rhyl and Warrington last year. Three fantastic shows.Terence Reis is a credit to the straits music.Ok Alan Clark and Steve Ferrone have moved on but Chris White is a legend and Mickey Feat is world renowned. Just hope the Dire Straits Experience tour the UK soon.


  • I have seen The Straits at Albert Hall and twice in Ipswich – have been a long term fan of Dire Straits from 1977 and was not disappointed in seeing The Straits, it took me back to when I saw them live at Wembley Arena in 1985 :). Terence Regis is a fantastic stand in for Mark. Also I got to see and chat to 2 of my heroes in Alan Clarke and Chris White at Ipswich Corn Exchange absolute gentlemen: Definitely endorsement from me!!!

  • Dire Straits Experience is just that. Despite the obvious missing ingredient of most of the original members, the show doesn’t feel like it lacks anything in authenticity. The stirring vocals and the recognisable guitar riffs make it an exciting show for those of us who missed out on the original tours. It’s a sleek and professional lineup with bags of seemingly youthful energy who radiate the obvious joy they find in playing this impressive set list together on stage.

  • What a fantastic night!!! My fiancé bought the tickets for my 21st birthday, and it was just the most wonderful present. Dire Straits are very special to us, despite the fact that we weren’t even around when everyone else was rocking out to them on the radio. Although we will never get the chance to see the real Dire Straits, The Dire Straits Experience was definitely close enough for me. I was amazed at how perfect you guys sounded. It was just a magical night, that I never expected to have the opportunity to experience. So thank you!!!
    Absolutely loved the sax solos… As a tenor sax player, I was so incredibly inspired by them, I had tears in my eyes over and over. Just beautiful. Can’t pick a favourite song, but Going Home was definitely up there. Amazing. Please come back, my whole family wants to come next time after hearing how great it was.

  • I Feel so so lucky to have had the most amazing experience last night at Sydney’s beautiful State Theatre ….. Dire Straits Experience was seriously one of the best concerts I have even been too, I never had the pleasure of being to a Dire Staits concert in the 80s but have always loved their music, well last night left me with the feeling that I had truly experienced Dire Straits …. It was PERFECTION! Could not take the smile off my face the whole way through. I think the best way for me to sum it up is that in my almost 27 yrs in Australia it has always amazed me that at the end of a great performance people stay sitting in their chairs clapping……well last night that all changed and Im so thrilled I got to witness it…..the whole audience in State Theatre jumped to their feet and clapped screamed and roared for more…..27 yrs and I finally got to experience that….you did that guys and I thank each and everyone of you on that stage for that experience you gave me last night….a concert/performance that will never be forgotten……Thank you and please please return

  • Amazing I was transported back to the Entertainment Centre Sydney n the eighties. What a show from the opening with Telegraph Road to the last song it was like Dire Straits were all on stage. Terence does the most incredible job fronting the band from the voice to the crystal clear guitar sounds. Please come back again! A show not to be missed. I can see a whole new generation of Straits fans coming.

  • 8 of us went to the Adelaide show at the Festival Theatre. It was just phenomenal. When they came on stage my wife said “he looks younger than I thought/”. I said “it’s not Mark Knofler, this is the Dire Straits Experience, there is just one original guy in it”. She said “does everyone else know that?”. I said “yes”. I thought had explained that prior to the show. Well, then as the band preceded to play the magnificent musical introduction to Telegraph Road, I was somewhat concerned that my wife’s surprise was going to distract her enjoyment and consequently mine. I could not have been more wrong. Once Terrence sang the first bar she was transfixed with the magnificence of his voice and his general “cool”. She usually enjoys the “tricks” of a concert but this one is just pure musical genius. The incredible songs with their riffs. layering and dynamics left us both awestruck. Undistracted, she “listened” to the music like never before and had a borderline epiphany. It made me so happy to see her rediscover Dire Straits like this. This concerti is a must see. Pure in every respect. Just an incredibly well put together package of brilliance. Congratulations all involved. Don’t miss it!

  • Brisbane – what a fantastic show, we saw DS in Rockhampton in1985 during the Brothers in Arms tour and now without Mark, the music great, fantastic voice and guitar playing. Will be back to see you again in OZ next time – thanks guys 🙂

  • Brisbane – what a fantastic show, we saw DS in Rockhampton in1985 and now without Mark, the music great, fantastic voice and guitar playing. Will be back to see you again in OZ next time – thanks guys 🙂

  • Sydney was a great show – took me back many years. Well performed by all. Look forward to them coming back. Chris White (Sax) and Terence Reis (Singer/Guitarist) were true “Brothers in Arms” on the night. Many tribute bands are often hit ad miss but I feel the Dire Straits Experience did justice to Mark Knopfler’s songs. The two hour non stop show included most of the big hits with the best saved to last with the crowd on its feet for “Sultans of Swing” and “Money for Nothing”. I don’t think I have seem standing ovations by the whole packed audience at any other concert I have been to – truly wonderful and a trip done memory lane. It was hard not to feel that you were not back in the 70’s and 80’s – that’s how good the seven talented musicians were on the night. Terence Reis sounded a great deal like Mark Knopfler with similar voice and guitar playing with feeling and passion for Mark’s wonderful compositions (very eerily accurate). He performs with so much passion it was easy to forget we were not listening and watching the original Dire Straits in it’s hay days and early 1980’s prime. Besides all of the great musicians Ralph Salmins was very impressive on drums, especially his drum solo at the end of the concert. Thank you for a great Dire Straits Experience in Sydney and I can’t wait for when you return.

  • It was an amazing show (State Theatre, Sydney). Right from the very beginning with Telegraph Road, I got goose bumps and was transported right back to my youth. I was mesmerized by Terence Reis’ voice and guitar but also Chris White on the sax and the other master musicians: an absolute wizard on the drums, great bass player and support guitar/vocals plus keyboard maestros! Don’t get me started on all the different guitars!!! Wow – it was awesome – would see it again in a heartbeat. Thanks for making the trip over here!

  • Incredible concert in Sydney. Fabulous musicians, fabulous music. It’s going down as one of the all time great concerts. I had an accident the day of Mark Knofler’s last Sydney concert (maybe around 2002?) and was so disappointed not to be able to go. Tonight, though, was an absolute cracker!

  • I bought the album Alchemy when I was 15 and Brothers in Arms the following year. I have played those albums and listened to this music for so many years that it is ingrained in my soul. Hearing these outstanding musicians play my favourite songs last night in Brisbane was an absolute privilege, I loved every second and wished it wouldn’t end. Thank you for bringing The Dire Straits Experience Down Under. I look forward to you coming back.

  • What an outstanding show we saw in Brisbane last night! So powerful and as authentic as you can get bar seeing the original band. The drumming, guitar playing and vocals were exceptional. The energy of this show just has you bristling. We were lucky enough to see the original Dire Straits on their last appearance in Brisbane in March 1986 on the “Brothers In Arms” tour, so long ago but this was just like being back there again. Can not wait for you to come back and tour Australia again.

  • ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT !!! Your show far EXCEEDED my expectations and I had a wonderful night out experiencing near the real thing! Accurately authentic, brilliantly talented musicians, each clearly masters of their own field – faultless !!! Come back to New Zealand soon – I have shared my experience with many of my friends who are gutted they were unaware/missed out !! Auckland, New Zealand – Thursday 2nd October 2014, ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre.

  • Years ago a group of musicians came along and wrote and performed some of the greatest songs ever written with such perfection and soul that brought joy to all that listened to it. Now another group of musicians are performing these same songs. This is not a tribute band! The Dire Straits Experience are the real deal. The music is as brilliant as ever and brings the perfect alchemy of talent and perfection together which is what you go to a concert for, but rarely see.
    We have been to a lot of concerts and this rates in my top three of all time (and we have truly seen some legends). It was faultless.
    Huge congratulations to all involved – the only disappointment was that there weren’t more shows in Melbourne because we would have bought tickets to all of them!
    Hope that you will come back to Australia soon as I’m sure you have everyone that saw the shows spreading the word what a superb band you are.

  • Opening with Telegraph Road and then breaking into a mind blowing repertoire of Dire Straits numbers, with guitar changes and a light show to equal most, we were rocked to the core. This is one show you don’t want to miss. Guitar work that will stun you, sax and clarinet work to stir deep memories…it’s all there!

  • The Dire Straits Experience is a must! Christchurch was rocked by their presence, phenomenal musicians and the vocals just incredible, if you shut your eyes you would seriously think it was Mark Knopfler. For me it was worth the 9 hour journey and I would most definitely do it all over again. They are AWESOME!!!

  • Went to their concert at the Adelaide Festival Theatre well what can I say………Wow, wow, wow brilliant , fantastic, awesome, I really hope they come back again. How good is Terance Ries on his guitars, I was gob smacked (thought I could play guitar, I went home and threw mine away) Chris White on sax awesome. The whole band simply sensational, brilliant musicians.
    I said it before I will say it again hope they come back I will be first in line !

  • My husband, more than I, as long as I have known him has been a huge Dire Straits Fan. I gifted him the tickets to the Adelaide, Australia show for his birthday and I admit to feeling a little trepidation about the ‘Experience’ component of this show. I felt as though there had to be some assurance of authenticity when I read that original band member, Chris White was the driver of this project. I also read the very comprehensive backgrounds of the entire on stage ensemble and even though I admit to not being familiar with any of the guys, the vast experience on that stage compelled my ticket purchase!!! And I am so very glad I did. Our seats were ‘able to touch the stage’ close and as we awaited the performance I was in awe of the array of guitars…………

    With thunder and light show loud enough and extended enough to get the blood pumping the show commenced with a version of Telegraph Road that brought all of the memories back and without doubt secured Terence Reis as a solid vocalist for the Dire Straits Experience. From that moment we were transported back to our youth, to a time when musicians wrote the sound track to our lives.

    No trapeze acts, no fancy video/audio/light show…..the DSE is pure music and talent. These guys were having a great time on that stage and so were we. The devotion to music was incredible, the banter between them on stage personalised the experience without detracting from what we were watching and listening to. I am not a musician, but I know talent and these guys were outstanding………every audience member I could hear agreed and I don’t recall ever seeing so many men head bopping, toe tapping and clapping along at a concert I enjoyed looking around the room and just wondering what this music meant to all of these people all of those years ago……….and now.

    Walk of Life….brilliant! Romeo and Juliet, gorgeous..passionate and transfixing. Every single song was mesmerising. I may not have been the hugest fan before, but I am now. Desperately seeking Dire Straits on the way home in the car!!!! Wondering if and when the DSE will return to our shores……….anticipating what that will be like….to see it again because after two hours, I wanted more, I was ready to here every single Dire Straits song ever!

    Chris White himself made the whole thing look like easy, with such professionalism and committment and he enjoyed some banter with the audience, even an enquiry as to his marital status…..which in turn led to Terence making some jokes about past Dire Straits Tours…….insert awkward laugh here.

    Terence Reis appeared to be a master not only as a vocalist, but especially as a guitarist, exquisite skills I’d say. Aggressive at times, mellow at times a complete range of moods. He seemed humbled by the experience he was having. Mark who?????……….

    Richard Cottle on Keyboard seemed to be having way too much fun, a very engaging and talented performance.

    Ralph Salmins on drums was awesome to watch and very much provided the thunderous backing to these performances.

    Mick Feat, was into it, really into it on bass guitar, to me he seemed totally devoted to every single note, every single song, he was having a grand time.

    Paddy Milner completely blew my mind with his skills on keyboards…….so amazing and with a nice voice too. As did the guy (name?) on guitar on the right of stage…….

    They said goodnight…..that was never going to happen, the entire audience on their feet, clapping, stomping, yelling, whistling…the encore was always going to happen and it was always going to be Sultans of Swing and it was always going to be fantastic!!!!! As at the beginning of the show, my heart was pounding, blood pumping, memories flooding, love of good well written, passionately performed music at the fore…….and then Money for Nothing…….a little grittier, with a bit more of an edge than I had heard before…….maybe in the moment……but maybe the best I have heard…..maybe.

    I know that nostalgia played a part, I know that typically, we are comfortable with familiar…but I also know talent, passion, devotion and damn fine skills…..a while since I have felt that way at a concert. DSE has been an experience that we will never forget……..hubby so impressed (caught up in the moment) that he grabbed me and kissed me thankyou in the lobby…….his heart was pumping too!!!! Please come back, we promise there will be more temperatures with double digits!!!!

  • Bloody great show have seen originals in Darwin many years ago bought back many memories THANKS, it was a great 50th birthday present from my kids,

  • We to the perth concert Friday night with my hubby and 2 friends, it was amazing, you guys rocked it, Chris White, there is no other instrument sexier than the sax, you sir are awesome. The lead singer and guitarist was so good I think he must have been channeling Mark. The other bands members were fantastic, you guys should be so proud if yourselves, you have done the band justice. Do yourself a favour people go see it you won’t be disappointed!!

  • Saw the Palais Theatre concert in Melbourne. Absolutely loved every bit of it and didn’t want the night to end. We wished they could of started the set all over again. Terence Reis is a fantastic lead performer and handles the unique style of Knopfler’s vocals and guitar playing with perfection. Whites saxophone playing was Saw the Palais Theatre concert in Melbourne. Absolutely loved every bit of it and didn’t want the night to end. We wished they could of started the set all over again. Terence Reis was magnificent in the lead….his vocals and guitar playing matched Knopfler’s unique style to perfection. White’s saxaphone playing was just as good as ever.
    Can’t wait for the return gig.

  • Absolutely AWESOME, took me right back to Athletic Park live in Wellington during the 80’s. polished performance. Was impressed with 2 hour non stop show. Well done guys….

  • My first concert with Dire Straits was in Darwin, NT…. about 1990

    I am someone who normally is not impressed with most of the event locations for bands in Perth, Australia however as a Dire Straits fan for many years, now 55, I was given a suprise tickets to to this event -3rd October 2014 at the Perth Contert Hall.

    After being seated in this 3000 seat hall I was exposed to such an emotional experience , to this day , I can not stop talking about. The guiter work, vocals environment , clarity of sound ….the experience in general was outstanding.
    I would, with out any hesitations, go to another concert with this outstanding collection of musicaians and hopefully in similar environment.

    May I quote Paul Bryson

    “I was very sceptical going to the concert last night in adelaide,didnt think anyone could get clise to re-creating the 80/90′s sounds of DS ,but WOW!!! Fantastic from all band members,if you closed your eyes and listened to chris white on sax you’d of thought you were back in 1985,quite unbelievable.
    Keyboards,drums,bass exceptional….. Big big mention to terence,you have the hardest act in the world following Mk,but boy what a job you did…. Overall enjoyed it no end,please come back!!!!
    Big thanks to chris white for putting that together”

    Thank you again. …..what a tremendous…………..life experience

  • Went to the Adelaide gig last night and was blown away.
    Great presentation and Terence filled MK`s shoes admirably.
    Great choice of songs and the 2 hrs just went so quick.
    Excellent stuff guys. Hope ur back here soon.

  • Man, What a show. I have to admit I was sceptical as to whether Mark’s music could be imitated or to even come close to the man’s genius. Boy was I wrong these guys are superb and I highly recommend every Dire Straits fan seeing the show. You will not regret it.

  • OMG…. What can I say, We saw the band here in Perth on Friday, in a packed to the rafters Perth Concert hall – must hold 3000 – probably full of poms like myself of course, lol .They were absolutely brilliant, Chris and I had B row seats, 2nd row from the stage right in the middle of the row This had to be one of the most brilliant concerts we had ever been to! I was mesmerized by the lead guitarist Terence playing perfectly, the whole way through, my husband Chris was on the edge of his seat the whole concert. Chris White was wonderful on the sax and all the other instruments he played. The drummer too was brilliant, as were the other players in the band, we could not stop talking about you boys all the way home in the car, you were better than the original Dire Straits! we’ve been fans for many years. At the end of the concert, the hall erupted in a total standing ovation. We only wished we could have watched it all again, well done to them all, and please come back to Perth SOON. xx Carol Holliday

  • Absolutely BRILLIANT, Amazing, loved every minute and want to see it again, you guys ROCKED, didn’t think it would be the same without Mark, but WOW!

  • Saw the band last night in Adelaide, what an absolutely fantastic experience, the music was brilliant, the group seemed to enjoy it as much as we did, if you have any doubts about about their ability to sound like the original Dire Straits, just go, you will not be disappointed.

  • My wife and I were blown away by Saturday’s performance at the Festival Theatre in Adelaide, Awesome work! Reminded us of Dire Straits first performance in Adelaide which we also saw at the Festival Theatre, you’ve come full circle and still rock the world! Thanks guys!

  • Wow what a performance…
    This was truly fantastic the music, sound, lighting and mustn’t forget the band.
    Great night. You certainly wouldn’t want to miss this show.

  • I was very sceptical going to the concert last night in adelaide,didnt think anyone could get clise to re-creating the 80/90’s sounds of DS ,but WOW!!! Fantastic from all band members,if you closed your eyes and listened to chris white on sax you’d of thought you were back in 1985,quite unbelievable.
    Keyboards,drums,bass exceptional….. Big big mention to terence,you have the hardest act in the world following Mk,but boy what a job you did…. Overall enjoyed it no end,please come back!!!!
    Big thanks to chris white for putting that together

  • Faultless!!!! If you close your eyes, you would believe that you were listening to the CD!! Reis is flawless!! A show NOT to be missed by the true Straits fan!!!

  • As Chris White said about putting the band together “I didn’t think it wouldn’t work, but went beyond my expectations” which was admirably proven last night in Adelaide. It was absolutely fantastic, especially Terence Reis (Lead Vocals & Guitar) who filled Mark Knopflers shoes, by convincingly creating the “Dire Straits” experience.

  • Best concert I’ve seen in ages. The music was out of this world. Loved every minute. Bought back beautiful memories of seeing Dire Straits in Darwin 1986. ❤️

  • Fantastic musicians – wonderful songs -nostalgic – so glad we went.
    Please come back as I know others missed out on this one off Experience!

  • Amazing experience, watching these super talented muscians in Christchurch arena on Wednesday night. The audience were amazed how great the show was, the songs performed couldn’t have been better, from seering guitar solos to sublime sax playing and not forgetting the singers uncanny likeness to knopflers voice.
    This show is a must see for any dire straits fan.
    Congratulations to all involved in this project, you are a credit to yourselves and to keeping the fantastic sound of dire straits alive. Thanks for a great evening, we won’t forget it !

  • Oh wow! Those boys can play! It was fabulous what they could do with Dire Straits music, but honestly, they were sooooo good, I’d also like to hear them play their own music too. The world needs a band like this.

  • I saw the Perth show last night and it was amazing and superb! I could use any superlatives about Terence Reis who was just incredible. He is just a wonderfully skilled guitar player. I have been a Mark Knopfler fan since 1978 and he hasn’t been here for over 8 years. Even more reason to appreciate this great band called the Dire Straits Experience. Please come back again to Australia soon.

  • Went to the Perth show last night and was blown away by the performance. The quality of the musicians and the sound they produce would be second to none. Terence was absolutely AMAZING – how he played and sang that well for that long is incredible. Surely there could be none better. Chris was PERFECT and just as he sounded with the original Dire Straits. Ralph on the drums could be a show on his own – 2 hours almost non stop!
    Richard and Paddy on keyboards were BRILLIANT. Mick on base did everything right. Not sure who the other guitarist was but also very professional.
    When I looked at the tour dates this morning it looks to be a very tight and tiring schedule – a concert every night in two countries for 8 nights straight and before last nights show they had to fly from NZ to PERTH!!! Great effort guys – you are forgiven for the hiccup at the start.
    The one thing I don’t understand is why they are not better known and playing to bigger arenas because although it is not a showy trick filled visual performance it is musically mesmerising. Maybe some outdoors shows with support act/s would work? I would love to see and hear them play to a much larger crowd – I’m sure the audience would be out of their seats for most of the show instead of only for the last few songs as it was last night.
    I would absolutely recommend the show to anyone who would like to hear Dire Straits live again – because unless there is a miracle revival of all the original band members as they were 30yrs ago you could not get a better performance.

  • What an absolute incredible performance, absolutely blown away I never imagined this could be possible after the official split of dire straits.
    Come back to perth asap!!!
    A pure masterclass of music

  • Mum and I were absolutely blown away… Terence was incredible and obviously Mr Sax was brilliant as ever… What a talent the guys have here with the entire band… So fabulous. Definitely come back!!!

  • Went to the Invitation only event at the Hippodrome Casino last Thursday. What an amazing evening. The new line-up were awesome and were clearly enjoying every second of being on stage. They are a must see for any Dire Straits fans.

  • Fantastic evening. Sounds even better than the original (is that possible?). When are you coming back?

  • Loved the show. Always wished I had seen dire straits when they were playing. These guys sounded so much like the originals that really you couldn’t tell the difference. The singer sounded like Mark. The venue was excellent. Music sounded amazing. Awesome experience

  • We went to the first show….in Wellington.
    Wow !
    The opening track…..Telegraph Road blew everyone away. The sound was spectacular.
    The musicianship and awesome vocals made for a memorable night and I highly recommend all Dire Straits fans to go.
    Great value also with the guys on stage for over TWO HOURS !

  • The talent of the musicians fantastic..enjoyed the show .brought so many memories back touched my soul.thank you ..an the lead singer was pretty gorgess ….fions

  • Unbelieveable musicianship applied to classic rock’n’roll
    I was at Athletic Park Wellington in 1991 with my 5yr old son for the On Every Street tour but Tuesday nights show in the Fowler was intimate & clear
    The music is ageless & you guys reignited it
    Well done

  • we have seen Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler live before and went to the Dire Straits Experience with no expectations. They blew us away and it was brilliant! Terence is an amazing talent and Chris is at his brilliant best with the rest of the guys all performing our favourite tracks to perfection and doing Dire Straits proud! Thanks heaps and please come back to NZ soon – we are spreading the word – Dire Straits Experience is beyond Awesome!

  • I wasn’t sure the show was going to live up to my expectations as a massive fan of the original band. I was absolutely blown away when the band opened up with a stunning rendition of Telegragh Road that sounded better than the original! The show just got better from there and included a couple of back tracks such as Down to the waterline, Why worry and The mans too strong that sounded just as good as the hits. It was obvious that the musicians took immense pride in their work and really enjoyed themselves. I would happily recommend this show and would be very keen to see them again next time they are down in NZ.

  • Wow wow wow. …. What a concert. If I didn’t know any better, I could easily have thought I was listening to the original Dire Straits. The energy level and performance quality of each band member was amazing.
    My experience was in Auckland whilst here for work. I immediately searched tour dates for my home city of Perth and would have bought more tickets if you didn’t have it scheduled for the following night before I get home.
    The concert started on a high and it just kept going at that level for more than 2hrs.

  • Wow, what an amazing show! Great band and great music. Reis is simply brilliant on the guitar and vocals.

  • When my wife pointed this concert out to me, my initial response was to dismiss it. It’s not Dire Straits without Mark Knopfler, I thought. I’m glad to say that – for some reason – I changed my mind and we went anyway (Wgtn, NZ – 30/9/14). The concert was superb – Terrence was every bit as excellent as Chris’ interviews would have you believe (oh yeah, the boy can play), and the rest of the band was excellent. A bunch of old guys, maybe, but they sure know how to play some serious rock & roll. If you’re a fan of Dire Straits, I can’t recommend this show highly enough.

    The band promised they’d be back, and I’ll be in the front of the queue to buy tickets when they makes good on that promise!

  • Having seen the band at the hippodrome, oz and nz are in for a real treat. Last night was fantastic, different tracks, great mix, something for everyone. Brilliant playing and chemistry between all band members.. Some wonderful 70’s tracks. A heavenly mix.

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